Welcome to our store of fly tying materials! We are a proud dealer of both Hareline Dubbin, Inc and Whiting Farms fly fishing supplies. Whiting fly tying hackle and capes are quickly becoming the fly tyer’s choice for fly tying patterns such as nymphs, small damsels and woolly buggers. But be sure to also check out their other great fly tying feathers. Hareline Dubbin, Inc then provides a great cross-cut rabbit hide well-suited for both fresh and saltwater fly tying applications, as well as a versatile fly tying dubbing.

We also work hard to find and provide our own high-quality fly tying hides, feathers and more. Our Black Bear provides a glossy texture perfect for tying wings on trout, steelhead and salmon streamer patterns. Be sure to also check out our other unique product offerings such as Antelope, Scottish Highland Cow and White Fallow Deer fly tying hair. Even fly tying beads for those very important finishing touches. All great products for attractive and effective flies, even when dry fly tying!

Please know we plan to add new fly tying materials daily, so check back often. If you are interested in something we don't carry, send us a message, and we will work to make this store your #1 resource for fly fishing materials. 

Thank you for visiting Fly Tying Outlet and good luck with that next fly, cast and reel!